Bottom Air Discharge KLF30AXP-JA

The principal of ERBA Air Cooler System is taking the fresh air as an INPUT and  using
COOLING PAD as an air cooler and filtering, therefore the dust and hot air are pushed  away to  
the outside. It means there are Air Changing, Air Cooling and Oxygen (O2) Increasing  in the  same time.
 ERBA Air Cooler System should be used for a room with ventilate (open space) in
order to take the fresh air and to change the existing air with cooler air.

New technology Cel Pad from Sweden with  many  advantages :
- Excellent Profile
- Easy to operate
- Digital Remote Control
- Without freon and compressor
- Automatic water filling system
- Automatic drainage system
- 24-hour non stop operating
- Coverage area from 150-200 m2 /unit
- Instantly decreasing the air temperature up to    5 degree Celcius
- Power consumption is only 10% from conventional Air    Conditioner
- To remove the unpleasant odor and change it with  the    new air
- 100% Air changing not air circulation
- Water consumption is only 3-15 L/h
- 100% using fresh air as an input
- 100% using water as a cooler
- Save for health

Ideal for :
Industry, Market, factory, etc.